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The only people that have flat out asked me are a coworker who caught me on a pregnancy message board right after I got confirmation from my doctor. The other was the director at DS preschool because he started telling his classmates (after we showed him the u/s pictures)Fortunately they didn ask until it was getting pretty obvious that my belly was growing, and it wasn just fat. They said he had been talking about the baby in my tummy for a while, but they didn want to pry (and it could have been because one of the teachers had recently had a baby too).

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Healey, Clarks Green; Joanna E. Hiller, Scranton; Mia R. Hodorovich, Dunmore; Michael H. Instead, what we elected to do is to scream “America first” and “build that wall.” That not a comprehensive plan to settle a refugee crisis. The United States isn even acknowledging that there is a refugee crisis. The Trump administration is saying that these people are just trying to get a free handout and are trying to scam the system.