canada goose factory sale If you are travelling outside Europe you may not have this protection.If you have a long term health condition or have particular health needs, you should make sure you will be able to access any medicines and ongoing care you need, and also make sure that your insurance cover is adequate and includes your health conditions (s) and potential health needs.An assessment of your individual travel health risk should be accessed before travel either at your GP surgery, community pharmacy or private travel health provider so a comprehensive package of advice and care can be best planned and delivered. Some courses of vaccines and malaria protection take time so do your best to have this assessment at least 6 weeks before you go.If you are travelling on business, you should ensure your employer is clear of their responsibilities in respect of your health and well being while working for them abroad.Some travel vaccines are available free of charge within the NHS, some need to be paid for.Yellow fever vaccination is only available from a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination centre (YFVC).To find a YFVC please use the Search feature on the Yellow Fever Zone websiteTravel health information and linksThe National Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) promotes standards in travel medicine, providing travel health information for health professionals and the public on the Pro website.Advice for residents of the United Kingdom about planning ahead, staying healthy overseas, and getting treatment elsewhere in the world is available on the NHS Direct Wales travel health pageThe European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has replaced the old E111. From 1 January 2006, E111s are no longer valid.The EHIC gives rights to treatment during a temporary visit. canada goose factory sale

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