How do I overcome my very messy tendencies

Here’s some details. I’m a 22 year college student living in a house with 3 other roommates, GPA of about 3.4 (78 average) and a self confessed slob. I didn’t realize how messy I actually am until I started dating canada goose uk black friday my organized and clean boyfriend, and was too embarrassed to have him over to my room upstairs because it was too messy. canada goose outlet shop Canada Goose Parka Also feel like my grades would canada goose outlet black friday be better if I was better able to organize myself. I’m getting better at organizing my workload and time, started using a day planner and calendar system that seems to work for me. As for the rest of my life, I’m at a loss on what to do to become more organized, and at least reduce my messy tendencies.

I accept that I will canada goose store never be a clean freak, and much prefer doing anything else BESIDES cleaning. I tend to get into hyper clean mode once the mess finally canada goose jacket outlet drives me crazy, clean it to an ok state then left it go until it gets crazy again, either boom or bust. So in essence, does anyone have any advice for creating an organizational system and habits to keep things cleaner? Secondly, how did you overcome your messy/chaotic/disorganized tendencies and how they may be affecting your life?

Make a resolution to go to bed every day with the house marginally cleaner than it was when you woke up. This doesn’t have to be a big thing (for me, it usually isn’t) but just thinking “ok, I need to do SOMETHING, hey lets take out the trash” helps keep me ahead Canada Goose Jackets of the tide of entropy.

Figure out where the mess is coming from and try to head canada goose outlet uk sale it off at the pass. One thing that helped me IMMENSELY is putting a paper canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet sale recycling bin (ok, a cardboard box) right next to the front door, so junk mail does not EVER make it onto any other surface in the house. Recycling in general has been good for me, because I hate cleaning but I like sorting.

Invite people over periodically. I know when I have guests I clean like a maniac, so I use that as a trigger sometimes where things get really dire.

I’m not good about this in general, canada goose clearance sale so I hope other people canada goose factory outlet have better suggestions, but these things do help me some.

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I recommend two things: first, a book called One Year To An Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the canada goose outlet Week by Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good; second, meditation. Meditation is a great calming influence that can help your brain straighten itself out and help you focus. And I’m not talking about an hour a day, I’m talking about 5 10 minutes a day. There is a great blog post from Penelope Trunk about the canada goose outlet parka importance of meditating here. (Her entire blog is wonderful, focusing on success in your career, but really hitting every topic you can think of.) It is short, clear and informative, and I think it might help convince you.

Anyway, from one slob to another, I wish you luck. Just tackle one pile at a time and don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed. You can do it 🙂

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(The tone of this is going to come off a little undesirable. That’s not my intention at all! I just lack the ability to write better today. I think it’s fabulous that you want to get organized and I hope my advice can help. /disclaimer)

Throw stuff away. and don’t buy new stuff.

You don’t need it. If it’s not being used, doesn’t fit, or doesn’t need to be used to fix a broken [Thing] sell it, throw it away, give it to someone else.

Cleanse yourself of stuff. Detach yourself from personal belongings.

Stuff you can canada goose outlet store uk live without but hate in your heart of hearts to give up (the teddy bear your grandma gave you), store in a box. Put it in the basement/attic/with your parents. I’m a big fan of.

I’m managed to force myself to be more organized by having a lack of stuff to get unorganized.

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I think that you have to take a look canada goose outlet uk at what you get cheap canada goose out of being a slob. Do you think it proves you’re creative, intellectual, passionate, artistic, etc? I think there’s a certain romanticism to chaos and disorder.

But, in fact, plenty of artistic, talented, creative people exist in orderly surroundings. Some canada goose outlet in usa of these people aren’t terribly organized, but there’s still inspiration.

It takes, allegedly, 21 days to create new habits. So, pick 1 or 2 that will make the biggest impact on your life hanging up clothes, making bed, sorting paperwork, or whatever, and work on making that action a habit. Then, master another one.

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Throw things out. It’s hard, but less stuff = less mess. Enjoy the look of empty shelves.

I really struggle with housework. The thing I do is straighten a little every day. Every night before I go to canada goose bed I make sure that the living room is clean. That way if I have an unexpected guest I know at least one room will be presentable.

I also make sure the dishes are done before I go to bed. If I do those two things every day my house will stay at least marginally clean. On a bad day it might take me 20 minutes to do both things, usually it takes me less than 10. I can handle 10 minutes and the sense of accomplishment makes me sleep better.

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Get bins. Put things you don’t often use in bins. Put the bins in the basement.

Throw things out. Next time you get into hyper cleaning mode, look at objects and ask yourself, why am I holding on canada goose outlet online to this? If there’s no good reason outside of the most unlikely scenario, toss it.