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400 cal shake after that about 1:30pm. Dinner at 5:30pm, 800 cals. Puts me at 2000 but with the workout probably around 1700. On October the 31st they all went outside and kept yelling “libertyyyy” (that was pretty scary). After that they didn want to get interviewed anymore and Michael changed the date to December 15th 2007 (guess he was wrong, once again). He ended up getting hammered and passing out with his dick hanging out.His sons noticed this and covered him.

My neighborhood friends and I were convinced they were ghosts. Super pasty, we never saw them eat, ever, and creepy in general to match their new home. Anyway, there were these two concrete pillars that were on either side of the driveway, right near the road.

Hi! I’m just about to order the monogram PM from Alisa after having no luck contacting OC. I had added him and spoke to him previously on wechat but when I tried messaging him last night to enquire it said “OC has enabled friend confirmation. Send a friend request to chat”.

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That my pride and joy. And then living in subtropical barrier islands South FL the import while commercial is the dying commercial yet it still means seeds from bricks coming in via Canada ship or Haitian speed boat or (in Key West you closer to Havana than Miami. And we built a bridge to Key West! Imagine if we finished and built rode to Havana :).

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