I asked a seventy something British acquaintance about that, and he said that, yes, it meant that you were flat broke or “on your uppers”, which itself means you were so broke that you’d worn the soles off your shoes and were just in the leather upper part. Note: the very early Leslie Charteris “Saint” novels could be almost impenetrable. I suppose it could be worse, though there’s always the vocabulary in American hardboiled detective novels from the early 1950s.

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kanken backpack BC NDP VictoriaNew Democrat MLAs blasted the Campbell government in the legislature this week for a budget that wastes billions of tax dollars on pet projects and cost overruns while inflicting deep cuts to programs and services for rural communities.”With this week’s budget and throne speech, Gordon Campbell delivered a very clear message to people in the north and the interior that they just don’t matter kanken mini,” said NDP rural critic Robin Austin. “Gordon Campbell spent more on a retractable roof for a stadium in downtown Vancouver than he did for new infrastructure projects for all of rural British Columbia.”Austin, the MLA for Skeena, also noted the budget reduces provincial transfers to communities by 24 per cent, meaning small towns will have to raise taxes or reduce services.During Thursday’s question period in the legislature, New Democrat MLAs blasted the Campbell government for deep cuts to the ministries of forestry, energy and mines kanken mini, tourism and agriculture.”In this budget there a 25 per cent cut to energy and mines, a 14 per cent cut to forestry, a 20 per cent cut to agriculture, a 46 per cent cut to tourism, an 11 per cent cut to the environment,” Austin said in the legislature.”No money for mountain pine beetle. No help for laid off forest workers. kanken backpack

kanken backpack Even as a bystander it’s difficult not to get caught up in the enthusiasm and appreciate what the people involved must be feeling in the moment.Saturday, May 14, 2016 was such a day as the East Kootenay Mines Industrial Safety Association’s 95th Annual Mine Rescue and First Aid Competitions held from 8:00 3:00 pm at SMS in Elkford kanken mini, BC hosted by Line Creek Operations Teck Coal Limited.Disclosure of winners was conducted at the evening awards banquet held in the Community Center in Fernie.MC duties were well performed by Norm Fox, with a welcome by Ian Anderson General Manager of the host mine, an informative history of mine rescue provided by Gary Letcher OHSC Co chair, Line Creek Operations.Robin Sheremeta Teck Coal Vice President Operations gave a welcome and speech thanking everyone for their work with mine rescue.After the dinner Norm introduced guests Tom Shypitka and spouse Kerrie. Tom was speaking on behalf of Minister Bill Bennett who was unable to attend this year, first time missed in many years.Dean McKerracher Mayor of Elkford and spouse Joanne, Mayor Cal McDougall and wife Norma kanken mini, Mayor Mary Giuliano and spouse Nick as well as Doran Jones, coordinator of Emergency Preparedness Coordination for the Ministry of Energy and Mines were also introduced.As the mayor I said the following; behalf of the City of Fernie I want to extend sincere congratulations to individuals and to teams taking home trophies. I also want to congratulate everyone who participated today kanken backpack.